ImpactLives, located in Minneapolis, MN, seeks to transform the lives of people around the world by providing leadership training, expanded self-awareness and cross-cultural humanitarian experiences. Founded in 2007, ImpactLives has created a national and international dual model of transformational leadership and intentional missional engagement for secular and non-secular organizations and companies. The model helps participants identify and understand their unique gifts and talents. Participants are provided training to help them use these gifts in the service of others, whether in their own community or around the world.

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The Umande Trust

Umande is a national trust, which believes that modest resources can significantly achieve water and sanitation goals if financial resources are strategically invested in support of community-managed program. Umand is the Kiswahili term fro dew - meaning new, unbiased, nascent beginning; not recycling the ideas of yesterday. The Umande mission is, "To be the partner of choice in transforming water and sanitation services with urban communities."

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