To help address the growing need for accessible water in remote and underdeveloped areas, HabiHut has been working to provide a water kiosk solution. The water kiosk is affordable, user and attendant friendly, easy to erect and technologically advanced.


The gravity fed base model includes a 1500 gallon water tank that includes all necessary plumbing and conforms to normal standards. Included in the unit are self contained, solar powered interior and exterior LED lighting kits.

Options to the water kiosk include a solar powered in-line pump fed design. The self priming, in-line pump is extremely durable and easily replaced being that it is "in-line" and not submersible. The 12 volt pump supplies 600 gallons/hour (2 five gallon buckets/minute) and is easily supported by a simple PV (photovoltaic) panel and battery system.

A cell phone charging station can also be incorporated into the kiosk to provide added benefit to remote populations.